About Us

About RG Genetics

We Are A Modern Research Expert Company

Rggenetics.com is a diagnostic center for genetic diseases, providing services at the national and international levels in the field of genetic diagnosis and peronalized medicine. Under the slogan of new generation genetics, with its technological infrastructure and academic staff that closely monitors and contributes to scientific developments, it presents the most up-to-date tests and methods of medical genetics in a simple and accessible way that everyone can understand. Rggenetics.com aims to constantly improve itself and provide the highest quality, most reliable and most accessible services with a staff of specialists.

Our Working Proccess

Pre-Test Consultation

Collecting Blood Samples

Testing and Reporting

Post-Test Consultation

we provide the best research

We Provide All Aspects Of Science Research

Our center provides solutions that support diagnosis and treatment, not only through sent samples, but also in close contact with the patient and the doctor who sent the sample.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide genetic analysis and clinical consultancy services using the most up-to-date scientific knowledge, diagnosis and treatment methods, at the highest technology and quality standards with conscience, morality and transparency.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a leader and in the national and international arena with our scientific studies and achievements without compromising the basic values and scientificity.


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We Are The Trusted Scientist Experts

More than 15 Years of Experience and Highly Qualified Professionals.


To provide a service that makes a difference by following the evolving technology.

To provide services in accordance with scientific values.

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